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his is an application designed to use the Google Keyword Tool to pull through keyword data about a specific sub set of keywords which the user has interest in analyzing. This research keyword was developed by Spencer Haws to solve a need in the marketplace for individuals looking to find long tail keywords with low competition.


Using singular or multiple seed keywords can quickly, efficiently and effectively build out a highly relevant list of similar keywords that will be displayed alongside their monthly search volume, advertiser competition, average Adwords CPC, and the competition metric.

How does it work?

Users basically add the domain URL and keyword, and the State in which they are trying to rank for. After adding, just click check rank. When the results are compiled, users will see the position for their website appear and the target keyword within Yahoo, Google, and Bing.

Long Tail Pro features

· Keyword Competition metric is definitely the most distinctive feature and which determines the level of difficulty a keyword has

· Optional filters which can further narrow down the long tail keyword selections

· Refines the Keyword generation using optional elements such as Fetch Additional Data to give information on domain availability, inclusive of hyphenated domains and Exact Match Domains (EMD)

· Performs Competitor Analysis and Rank Checking in the same interface.

Cost of Long Tail Pro

At the time of writing there are 3 options;

1. Take a 10 day trial of the tool for free

2. Pick up Long Tail Pro without the Keyword competition (KC) feature for $97

3. Get the Long Tail Platinum for $97 and $17 monthly subscription. With the platinum version, users get more features and the time saved and money helps them generate more than covering the cost.


· Research tool is simple to use

· Customer Support

· Speedy-the calculations and mathematical formulas run within seconds to bring the data required at the click of a button.


Monthly Subscription

Generally, all of these great features normally come at a price. However, users can get the basic version of LTP for free but don’t get the use of the domain availability checker or the keyword competitiveness function, which is typically the best feature.


Beyond no doubt, there is no other powerful tool on the market that uses the same formula as Long Tail Pro to provide super accurate estimations of keyword difficulty. Well, for anyone familiar with SEO, the tool will definitely offer features to check rankings of your website for its target keywords on a daily basis.

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