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PremiumPress was founded six years ago by Mark Fail, they make and sell Responsive WordPress themes for various companies all over. Their aim is to provide unique themes that are simple and yet pleasing to the eyes of the final consumer.

Earlier we used the word responsive, meaning the themes provided response entirely no regardless of the mobile platform, sparing most of us the worry and struggle that comes with different handsets and even computers.

PremiumPress Coupon Code

Premium Press offers quite some themes; I can confidently say that they have over 50 (fifty) WordPress themes. When you purchase or decide on a various theme, you get other different designs of the same theme to choose from, themes for;
1. Job boards.
2. Dating sites –where you get the members profile pages, online status indicator, the color and design choices where you can set it according to your tastes and preferences.
3. Sites for price comparisons
4. Auction sites.
5. Real estate
6. Directories
7. Music societies and sites
The premium press makes it easier for non-blog sites to create a good website. You do not have to be a programming guru to get your site all flamed up. With the premium press, you just download your preferred theme. With their versatility, you can easily customize the themes to make things more interesting.

Premium Press offers the following themes

• Shopper press- majors on the shopping cart themes.
• Agency press- bases on online community themes.
• Directory press- which is a business directory theme.
• Coupon press theme
• Music WordPress theme
• Auction press theme
• Classified themes and many more others

Charges for premium press themes

By now you must be wondering at what price will you get a theme at, well it is somewhat affordable when you check on the numerous benefits you will be getting from them. You get a premium press theme at $79- 89 USD whereby you get;
• Free support
• Free updates
• Free child themes
• Ideas from other users on how to customize your theme
• Fast downloads
Features of premium press
• Community forum
• Drag and drop move
• A guarantee- provides a buyer with a full 30-day money payback guarantee if anything goes wrong.
• Video tutorials- the videos helps one get started.
• Responsive theme designs- allow customizations by users, and the themes to work regardless of the mobile device.
• All hours support through the ticket system.
• Google Adsense Integration

Premium club presses package

The deal seems to get sweeter as we proceed. The Club package is now on the market, and everybody wants to give it a try, definitely worth it. The package provides access to;
• More than 70 themes
• Latest themes
• Free plug-ins
• Open source code
• Guaranteed support
• Automated updates
• Multi-use license

The Premium Press Club charges

do you want to buy premiumpress today? Let’s  try our premiumpress discount code The package goes for 249 USD a huge offer from its original price of 599 USD. It is the best choice for a starter, developer or any person with the interest to explore a world of nothing but created beauty.
The premium press has successfully managed to achieve its aim as a company for the societyNot many people would recommend WordPress themes but with the evolution that Premium has brought along, makes the themes irresistible to any business person wanting to grow.

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