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Seo Powersuite Discount Code
Seo Powersuite Discount Code

In a digital economy, the ability of your website to stay ahead of the competition is critically important.

With SEO PowerSuite, you can gain total strategic control over your company’s web presence and ensure it is optimised for the business outcomes you want to generate.

What does it do – and what could it do better? Let’s take a closer look…

Four main tools

SEO PowerSuite boils down to a collection of four distinct SEO tools – namely Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass, WebSite Auditor and LinkAssistant. Together, SEO PowerSuite’s functionality covers rank tracking, keyword and backlink research, web audit stats, content optimisation and link outreach and management.

In short, everything you need in an SEO software package.

The distinctiveness of the tools in the software is a helpful touch to those who require a little more support when it comes to streamlining SEO.

The package does an admirable job of cutting through the jargon and letting you know where you need to go for the job you want doing.

Whether it’s improving your rankings on search engines or creating branded SEO reports, the interface of SEO PowerSuite is crisp, intuitive and means you’re not wasting time figuring how things work.

Each of the four tools bundled into SEO PowerSuite is available independently as a stand-alone product, so if all you’re interested in doing is monitoring your search rankings and tracking keywords, you might find that downloading Rank Tracker in isolation is your best bet.

It’s all about horses for courses, but the four tools are designed to work in conjunction with each other.

Continued development, at a price

A strong argument in favour of SEO PowerSuite is that the developers are always making new improvements to the tools, ensuring they are as effective and efficient as possible.

With SEO PowerSuite you’ll get six months of these updates free of charge. Beyond this date, you’ll have to pay a small subscription fee to keep your toolbox at peak performance.

If you value the accuracy of your reports and analyses, this subscription is essential.

Which version?

The website boldly claims over 500,000 SEO experts and website owners use the package – but they certainly won’t be using the free version.

SEO PowerSuite offers a range of editions, allowing you to choose the version which best fits your own personal needs. The entry level version of SEO PowerSuite is completely free to download, and unlike other cloud-based toolboxes, it is an unlimited free trial). The free version gives you a comprehensive overview of all the general features available to you, but with limited functionality.

Nevertheless, it is one of the best examples of try before you buy’ in the world of software.

The two paid versions of SEO PowerSuite are titled Professional (£229) and Enterprise (£549), each unlocking significant expansion and upgrading of the features.

If you are a webmaster or SEO agency, the limited features of the free version will not be robust enough – and if you need the ability to create client reports and export stats, you’ll find the Professional version falls short too.


With a first rate toolbox which combines power and functionality with ease of use, SEO PowerSuite Enterprise does it all. And at £549 for the works, it representing a dependable SEO investment for your business.

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