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Cloud Computing or simply called Cloud is the fastest growing trend in Computer and Information technology world because of its benefits in terms of cost reduction, better utilization of resources and support to users.

Siteground is one such popular and trusted player in field of web and cloud hosting. let’s look what makes siteground different from other players. We will discuss about its 1) Plans 2) Technology 3) Support

1) Plans: – It offer various plans that are tailored made for different types of users.


a) Web hosting plans: – If you have a website that you want to host on internet, it offers 3 plans based on the need and size of your website for example basic plan gives you 10 GB of space and can handle 10,000 visits on monthly basis for a cost of $3.95/mo. Its higher end plan called ‘Go Geek’ gives 30 GB of space and can handle 1,00,000 monthly visits for $14.95/mo.

b) Cloud hosting plans: – Again it offers various plan based on your need, starting from $54/mo. to $126/mo. , however best part is that if you know how much CPU power, RAM and storage you need then you can create your own plan on the spot.

c) Dedicated server plans: – If you want to host your website on dedicated servers then again they offer you many plans depending upon your need for CPU speed and power, RAM, storage space and bandwidth. Entry server will costs around $229/mo. where as high level enterprise server will cost around $429/mo.

d) WordPress and Joomla services: – It offers you wordpress and Joomla services, support and tools to host your blogging and content management systems.

2) Technology: –

a) Datacenters: – It has Datacenters in North America (Chicago), Europe (Amsterdam) and Asia (Singapore) . This distribution provides users around the world with proximity to Datacenters and hence higher speed. Datacenters are 24/7 guarded with humans and latest surveillance systems and are highly secured. It has multiple power feeds, own generators and UPS and hence are able to achieve yearly uptime of 99.996%

b) Hardware: – Company owns latest and best hardware along with a dedicated team of technicians aiming to set up highest performing configuration. It also stores backup of each hardware that is currently in use so that there is no downtime.

c) Software: – Along with up to date softwares it also provides account isolation i.e. isolating one server account from another and provides with constant checks for any virus/hacker attack.

3) Support: –

Siteground provides 24/7 support and aim to reduce resolution time to 0. It provides 3 ways for users to get desired support, Through Tickets system (which are addressed within 10 minutes), Instant chat (Addresses issues instantly), Phone (Addresses issues instantly) .

Hope the information provided above has been meaningful and helps you in making wiser decision.

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