Customize Your WordPress !

We have written (and collected) some great customization tutorials to make it easy for you to tweak, customize and play around WordPress. Every tutorial is written with detail so you don’t need to have some expertise with XHTML, PHP or any other programming languages.

Still, you can always comment on respective articles or contact us if you have any issues or problems regarding the articles or even your own WordPress Blog. We’ll be more than happy to help! You can also contact us, if you can’t find tutorial of your choice on this page or Internet. We’ll write that for you too! We also offer Custom WordPress Themes and Blogging services, you can read more about Our Services here.

Page Template Customizations:

  • How to Exclude Categories from Navigation ?
  • How to Exclude Pages from Page Navigation ?
  • How to Create an effective 404- Page ?
  • How to Create Custom Page Template ?
  • Create Custom Widgetized Sidebar for WordPress
  • How to Create Static Homepage in WordPress ?
  • How to show Parent Page Title instead of what Sub-page you are on?
  • How to show Post Excerpts on Category Page?
  • How to format Post Excerpts in WordPress?
  • Make your Title Tag SEO Friendly
  • Exclude Categories from RSS Feeds, Search Results, Archives, etc
  • Create Post Page Template in WordPress

Creating Own WordPress:

  • How to Change the Default Gravatar in WordPress ?
  • How to Change WordPress Admin Panel ?
  • How to Create Custom Login Page for WordPress ?
  • Add Custom Buttons to your WordPress Post-Editor
  • How to add a Custom Download button on WordPress Posts ?
  • How to seperate Trackbacks from Comments in WordPress?

Blog Design Customizations:

  • How to Add Favicon to a WordPress Blog ?
  • How to Insert Ad after each Post on your Blog Homepage ?
  • Display Related Posts with Thumbnails in WordPress
  • Display Content in Multiple Columns in WordPress
  • How to Preset Text in WordPress Post Editor?
  • Exclude a Category from Recent Posts in WordPress
  • WordPress for Beginners *(Coming)
  • How to create Sitemap for WordPress?
  • How to change Permalinks in WordPress?

If you are looking for any tutorial and you couldn’t find it here. Feel free to request us here and We’ll write it for you As soon as possible. ANY Custom WordPress Tutorials you may be looking for!